Our Story

In July of 1979, eight individuals fresh from a retreat at Monte Alverno and after hearing scripture explained to them for the first time, decided they wanted more.  This was the beginning of "The Friday Morning Bible Study" with Fr. Bill Alcuin as its facilitator.

When Fr. Alcuin was transferred, the group moved to St. Bernard's Parish, where Fr. Janssen facilitated the group for the next 17 years.

Following Fr. Janssen's death, the group moved to St. Pius X Parish, where Fr. Don Zuleger became the next facilitator of the group.  The group now meets at St. Bernadette Parish, where Fr. Don Zuleger continues to facilitate the Fox Valley Bible Study.

From the beginning, Fr. Alcuin's theme for the group was "To establish the Kingdom of Heaven in the Fox Valley."  Over the years many members have taken his message to heart.